And Now For A Little Something Different- Dr. J. Rufus Fears

I am sure that we all have teachers in life that make marks on our life in a way that we will forever be changed. In this digital age there are so many opportunities to learn and continue to self-educate. A friend of mine told me about a series of courses that he was taking from a company called The Teaching Company. So a few weeks later I was back home and decided to check that deal out. It was still a little pricey for my budget but I got on Ebay and found a course that seemed interesting. The title of the course was Books That Have Made History: Books That Can Change Your Life. The lectures took me through Bonhoeffer, Homer, Marcus Aurilius, Bhagavad Gita and several other great authors and books. The Professor was a man named Dr. J. Rufus Fears from The University of Oklahoma. Dr. Fears on October 6th passed away. I never had the pleasure of sitting in one of his actual classes, but I know from the responses that I have read on the internet he was much-loved and admired man. So today I honor Dr. Fears. Posted is a link to a story from the about his last lectures. What a great way to honor Dr. Fears by making his 18 lecture series “The Story of Freedom in America,” a free gift to the public. If you would like to enjoy this lecture series you may do so by clicking the banner below.

Thank You Dr. Fears !


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One response to “And Now For A Little Something Different- Dr. J. Rufus Fears

  1. Mark,
    What a great article regarding Dr. Fears. The Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage is the group responsible for capturing his last lectures at the University. The Story of Freedom in America is actually be made available online at Feel free to include the link in your article or help spread the word through social media tomorrow of the release of the lectures. We are honored that we have his last lectures and only hope to share these videos to keep his legacy alive.
    Rachelle B

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