Better Attitude = Better Workout

waterFour-thirty in the morning sure comes early, but it sure feels good to get up and get my swim in to start the day. I have never been a morning person but that just might change if I can get better at going to bed earlier. I know that I do feel more alive when I start my day after a good morning workout. I was reading somewhere that it really only takes about 30 days to change your sleep habit and get acclimated to doing that every morning. We will see, the jury is still out. 😉

The swim was to be 1900 yards. Looking back on the workout, I would say it went pretty well. My breathing technique was pretty good. I did struggle when I was stretching out to some longer distances, but on the second set I remembered to just relax and let it happen instead of fighting it. I was supposed to do a few more “catch-up” drills than I did, I wasn’t paying attention to my plan when I first got in for my warmup laps. I’ll be more attentive next time.

So this morning I copied my workout plan down and put it in a little sandwhich bag to keep it dry and by the pool. That worked out pretty well. One thing that I have seen several people use when they do their swim workouts is a counter. There are times when I struggle to keep my counts on laps. I might look into that when I go to the swim shop next.

So today my attitude was much better. I didn’t have that funk that I was carrying yesterday. I wouldn’t say it has all passed, but I feel a little better.

So far I have been staying off the sweets and candies like I had said I was going to do after the 27th! I still crave a Reese’s everytime I go to a quickstop though. I figure it can’t be any more difficult than getting off the smokes. I knocked off 4 pounds just from eating better this last week!

Well the new year is here, so time to get to work. Before I go here is todays tune, Little Wing by Neil Young.



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6 responses to “Better Attitude = Better Workout

  1. I struggle to rise early but still do every day. Like you I often have a hard time keeping track of my laps, I usually can tell when I see my end time if I missed a lap or added a lap. It does help to count downwards from your goal on down. Good to see things are going well. Here is to another training day.

  2. I’m jealous and hope it becomes a good habit for you. The local masters group swims at 5:30am and I just can’t do it. I’ve tried a few times but with winter setting in and the mornings getting colder I just don’t have the will power to roll out at 4:30. Luckily I’m able to take a little bit of a longer lunch and fit most of my workouts in during the day with the rest in the evenings.

  3. RunLovelyOne

    I think lots of people were in funks – I know I was. Two weeks of funk and now that I read your comments about the sweets, I realize it was a little bit of everything – training, food, booze, lack of sleep. Then you get all down and rundown and the shape of it all gets blurry….but change is good, a new approach and attitude is SO good for fixing what got temporarily cruddy.

    Kudos – I wish I could be an early morning athlete. Argh.

  4. I only get up early on weekends, and dread waking up early on weekdays.. I wish I could have a job that starts at 10am and go out to the pool like you in the early mornings. mines starts at 8.30am and pool only opens at 7am


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