The Evening Crash(not bike)…….. Zzzzzzzzz

zzzz_qjpreviewthWell some had commented about how good it was that I had gotten in the habit of getting up early. I did say that it was something new, and I haven’t adjusted to it yet. My tail was dragging tonight. We went out to get a bite to eat and I could have very easily come home and done a “couch plant” and slept till morning, but I didn’t. Probably part of the reason was because I pushed one of my buddies to power thru this morning on his swim, so I didn’t want to wimp out on him tonight. That was part of it, but really it is becasue I really believe I can do this deal if I do the work. I really want to do it too! So tonights post will be short and sweet.

One 40′ treadmill run this morning, using some grade to add some load. It felt reallly good. I was pleased with my effort, but I also really think I am going to be pushing thru and really making some progress on the run deal over the next 4 weeks. Actually I am still burning some of the “feel good” from the New Years Day interval run. I just think that deal is on the verge of making a breakthrough.

Tonight I did a one hour trainer ride. With 10 minutes of single leg drills and some other stuff too. I was just keeping a constant effort but picking up a bigger gear with the same effort. It was a good ride. Instead of music I watched the Fiesta Bowl. The ride was good, the game was disappointing for this Big 12 fan.

Getting up early again tomorrow. Becky is going to go with me to the Y to run while Jason and I swim. This is the goodlife, I do know that too.

I had a nice visit with one of my old bosses tonight, Phil Ryan. He used to love Elvis Costello and got me to listening to him, so tonight’s tune will be a little Peace, Love, and Understanding.


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