Drill Day At The Pool

cichlidThis was the third day in a row that I got up at 4:30 to make it to the pool before work. I haven’t been a morning guy, but I like how I feel when I do this. My workout went really well too.

Today was a series of drills. Some “catch-ups”, using the pull bouy, single-arm drills with fins, using paddles and then some kick at the end. Doing the workshop with Amanda gave me some familiarity with the different drills and how to do them. Now it is about putting it into practice. The pull bouy was a little awkward at first, but after the first 50yds it came around pretty good, actually all of them went good. I had 1700yds on this workout and felt pretty really good when I left.

For some reason this morning I was thinking of something my dad used to tell me about when he was in college. He said he never stressed out on test day. The work was all in the preparation, so test day was time to relax and just do it. That is how I felt at Tulsa for the half-marathon, I just relaxed and enjoyed it at the level I was prepaired. It was a great experience. That is how I figure Galveston will be too!

My attitude is full blown back tt where I want it too today. I have an hour drive into my office and I really enjoyed the sunrise. The colors reminded me of some of the African Cichlids I used to have and would enjoy watching in my aquarium. They were just beautiful.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tunes for the day will be an oldie from Steve Miller Band, Fly Like An Eagle ! Enjoy !!



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3 responses to “Drill Day At The Pool

  1. Sounds like a great swim and the beginning of a morning person. Also great advice that I too often forget before a time trial or big workout, the work has already been done – just enjoy it!

  2. You are rocking those early morning workouts! How is your body position feeling? Your dad’s advice is great.

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