Scattered Day….But Still On The Road

whirlwindI guess there are days of focus and days like today! When I put the beans in the coffee pot and forgot to put the filter back in, that was the begining of a scattered start of a day. Don’t know if you have ever done this but I can tell you the result; coffee and coffee gounds all over the place running down the cabinets and into the floor. So from was the scattered start of an afternoon. I thought that I would recover after getting around to do my workout, but not so much. So I am just going to chalk it up to “one of those days”.

There are two stories that stick out in my mind today. The first was told by a man that really lived a very modest life, he had been through some real tough times in life. Materially I can tell you that he has much less than many of us. He lives alone and I suspect will probably always live a life with out some of the relationships that I enjoy. One day when he was having a really bad day he came home to find that the puppy that he had got had torn up a bunch of stuff in his apartment and had done its “business” all over the place too. It was a frustrating day, but later on that day he was talking to a woman that was telling him about the heart ache of loosing her children. He said “I knew right then I didn’t have any real problems. I only had puppy problems”. I have heard him tell that story many times, and I never forget it either. All I really had today were puppy problems.

The other story I remembered was while I was out running. Today I had a 30 minute bike ride followed by a 1:56 hr run. When I was running I thought about this old man I met from California that today runs a homeless shelter, much like one that he used to live in. One morning, not like many mornings, after parking his car he was walking down the side walk to go into the facility to work. As he was walking down the sidewalk he had to go around a man that was passed out drunk. He said he paused to think, “that man is me”. But then he also thought “why is it that I made it out of that miserable life and some just never make it”? He said that the only reason he could think was simply this “he had become willing to do some things that he was told to do, that he didn’t want to do”. And as the result of letting someone that knew a way out of where he had been guide him into a new way of living. His life was forever changed. He had to do the work, but it was allowing someone to show him the road. That was the story and energy that I took with me on my run.

Now I say that, but I didn’t do the greatest job of following the directions today. My scatter-brain continued with me on the running path too. I am still pleased with the work and effort, even if it wasn’t really as it was outlined for me to do. At least I put in the time and effort, I even did the extra brick bike ride before hand too. So for the effort I get an “A”: for the follows directions well I give that a “C-“.

So that’s the day.

Tunes? hmmmmmmmmmmm Let’s go local. We were downtown tonight and saw the building that The Flaming Lips owns and it is really cool. Always stands out!
So tonight it is “Do You Realize”.



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2 responses to “Scattered Day….But Still On The Road

  1. Great stories. Thank you SO much for sharing them. They may very well sustain me on my next long run, too. Puppy problems indeed.

    • That story has stuck to me for over 10yrs now. It’s interesting what comes to mind when running, I would like to get where I can be more focused on “just the run”. That kinda has a lot to do with my mental/emotional/spiritual life than my running life though.

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