Two For Tuesday

2-for-tuesdayOK, so the early morning workouts are an awesome idea on days with two workouts!(In theory) But I have to tell you, sleep won this morning. I mean it sounds great, but not today. So that being the case, Becky and I headed out for an early evening run after work. It was about 50 degrees and drizzling mist. That doesn’t sounds so good, but it was actually pretty nice. I was dressed well for the conditions, so the mist was almost refreshing.
I did the run on the running trail at the college next door. From my mailbox around the course and back to my mailbox is a 5K. We really love the new running trail. It is going to be really cool when they finish putting the lights up around it, just awesome.

So enough about the course, the run was 40 minutes. 1o minutes of warmup, 15 minutes in Zone2, 5x 1min FAST 1min Easy, then 5 min cool down. Easy enough, right? It really was a nice run, warmup went really well. The 15 minutes in Zone 2 was a struggle, just going that slow is kinda hard on my little ego. I just felt really slow today, ugh! I hate gettin in that space. The 5 x (1×1) were more difficult than the 30 sec x 1-1/2 min that I did last week, but thats good. Maybe in time it will help me to stretch out some more and get a little faster.

I waited until after dinner to do the bike trainer workout. For whatever reason, I felt slower on it today too. Maybe it’s a good thing, if I turn that stuff into fuel for working harder so I can get stronger. I did 65 minutes on this ride; it had some single leg drills and a couple sets of hard effort intervals. I did the first half with music but went without it the second half. I was trying to keep my hard spurts all about 220 watts. Theres a certain amount of humility to actually put any of my numbers on here. But that was what I was doing. But again, the effort didn’t seem as good as some of my others.

One thing I am having to learn how to do is work. I was never an athlete growing up so I think I probably missed some learning on how to train, workout, and practice hard. It is a new experience for me. That is one reason I decided to get an actual coach. I just thought that might be something that would help me and I figured it would be a step beyond just downloading a plan. So far, so good too.

Today I will go with Madness’ Our House. Tune kinda makes me smile, reminds me of crazy times at Kramer’s trailer back home when we were in school. Kids couldn’t have as much fun today as we had then; strange how that is. No one ever got shot back then.



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3 responses to “Two For Tuesday

  1. Here’s the key to running and riding faster: I always assume I’m a wimp, constructively. It’s harder than you might think, but it works. I think you made the right choice in going with a coach though… Why mess around with all of the error when you can train for the time trial. 😉

  2. Jason Lunsford

    Don’t sweat it Brother. I felt the same way today. Well actually for a few days now. Just don’t feel like I’m getting faster. In the Training Bible, Joe says we will get slower before we get faster. Hope he’s right. Keep on trudging…..You WILL do great.

    • Thanks buddy. And by the way, let’s not forget that PR on the 5k just the other day! You have been running for awhile and it’s harder to get those PRs like that. That’s a big deal dude!

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