As The Crow Flies…uh no…As The Buzzard Swoops..maybe

buzzardYesterday we had a 3hr bike ride followed by a 18 minute run on the schedule. I put in the time, but it was anything but pretty. I was supposed to keep in my Zones and I couldn’t push into them, from the very start it was as if I was just done. I don’t really have much explaination either. After being at it for about an hour I just resigned my mind into “this is just one of those days”. So I made sure I got the saddle time and did the brick run just to say I got it all done.

I am going to cut back on posts. Probably do 3 a week. The Monday off workout day post will be easy, maybe another on Wednesday or Thursday, and then a weekend post. The longer I go, the more time crunched I get. I like blogging though, it is kind of like an accountability deal. I like the feedback and getting to read you guys blogs too.

Well I am at work now, so I better get off here……..

Today I think I’ll go with The Cars and Drive…. Enjoy.


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3 responses to “As The Crow Flies…uh no…As The Buzzard Swoops..maybe

  1. Candy

    I just want you to know how proud I am of you! Embrace life and your tenacity. Dare to press on to higher goals 🙂

  2. I am in the same boat with posting. As April 7th looms nearer I find training time takes more and more time out of the day. I also find I comment less frequently on the blogs I read. A couple times a week is fine, as long as we know you did not throw in the towel.

  3. We will miss the blog in quiet days, but we would rather have you not blog than not train!! I know what you mean about accountability and feedback. Blogland is so wonderful, so many good and motivating people, like you!

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