Be Here Now

Be Here Now;  what a challenge for a guy that has spent the majority of his life trying to be anywhere but where I was. When I was thinking of starting this blog back up, I was looking back over the posts from last year and there was a theme that seemed to underlie many of the posts; goals, sometime in the future, someplace to arrive, some milestone to hit. This year seems to be different, this years focus will be on the journey not the end. It will be about NOW, as it is happening. l want to try to stay focused in what I am doing, not planning. Even that presents a challenge for having a blog. So what I want to do is give ‘snapshots’ of what the NOW looked like when it was written, and understand that it was just a snapshot and it isn’t even the same NOW. So how often will I blog, I don’t really know.

Musical inspiration: Ray LaMontagne’s ” Be Here Now”

5 responses to “Be Here Now

  1. I’m so glad that you’re back. I have wondered where you went! Looking forward to following your new you!

  2. Brilliant concept Mark and one I will most certainly embrace myself. Thank you and Happy almost New Year!!! 😀

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