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Dirty Kanza Half Pint- First Event On The Calender

dirtyKanThe first big event for me this year is going to be The Half Pint at Dirty Kanza. This is a new kind of riding for me. Just getting ready to delve into it. It will be 100 miles on gravel/dirt roads. I understand that it is also a pretty hilly ride too, that will give my old man legs a good workout. preparing for this should help me with my second big event of the year too, TBA as soon as I get registration paid.  So the training begins.

I guess the first thing you might ask is “why do a gravel/dirt road event”? Fair enough. I think the biggest draw for me is just the fact that I grew up in small town Oklahoma and we spent many a day and night out in the country on those old red dirt roads. I have a lot of really great fond memories on the roads of Seminole County growing up. Memories that go back to early childhood; riding in the pickup with my grandfather checking the oilwells that he pumped in and around Wewoka and Ada. I can’t think of a time that I could have ever been more at peace and happy. Then as I grew older and into high school we spent many a night out on the edges of town drinking good cold beer and maybe a few other recreational choices just enjoying life! Still to this day if I am out away from home making sales calls on customers out of town, there are times I will choose to just take those old red dirt roads back to the city as far as I can just to get some space and clear my mind a little. Maybe roll down the window with some good tunes or maybe just enjoy the silence and have one of those talks with God.  So the dirt roads are a huge part of life for me.

Having said that, this is going to be a new type of riding. So if you are a big boy who still like his toys, you know there isn’t anything like a new bike for a guy like me. Looks like I will be springing for the new wheels sometime this week. There are two bikes that I am looking kind of set on: one is the Cannondale SuperX CRX1 and the other is the Specialized Crux Expert. Both of them would be great bikes. I should know in the next couple of days which bike I will be getting. Either one will be a great addition to the  stable!


The big thing for me has been finding the motivation to get this year jump started. I think this week I finally found it. It was probably a combination of several things that pushed me on to the point of getting going again; watching my wife at the Houston Marathon, fond memories of the fitness level I enjoyed last year,  and the the big tipping point was that I could just barely get my dress shirt to button to wear a tie the other night. I just thought “come on Mark, off your ass… enough already, lets go!”

So this is a part of what I am looking to do this year. There will be two big events before July, Dirty Kanza and XXXXX , then after a recovery week in Atlanta at a conference I will remeasure and decide what to shoot towards for the last half of the year. At any rate, I am getting excited again. So here we go!!!

What better tune than this one from Brooks and Dunn !


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Biten By The Endurance Life Style – 2015

wholenessI really wanted to put out some good sounding blog stuff that would “wow” my audience but here is the real deal is; I am an out of shape guy that found a way to improve my health. I wanted to live a big year before I turned 50, so I packed some cool stuff in that year.  Along the way I have found a pretty cool community too, the Oklahoma  endurance community; people of all sorts of abilities, those that compete at every level imaginable from local, state, regional, national and even on the world-wide stage for one local superstar. They are a people that motivate and inspire me to be a “better me”. I found that endurance sport not only helped me to get in better shape physically, but that it would affect me as much or more mentally and spiritually. So I am biten, time to get going again!

So here I am dragging myself back to blog again too . I plan on using the blog to help me with personal accountability and also self motivation. Anyone reading this, you should know that I don’t know squat at the end of the day about what you should or shouldn’t do in your endeavors with endurance sports, I am just putting out my own experience and don’t want to come across like I know a damn thing. If you want to leave some kind words of encouragement feel free, that fires me up!  I’m not sure how often I will blog this year, but I am going to try to hit it at least once a week.

From time to time I will probably blog about some other interest’s too; family, friends, good books, music, food, addiction recovery, spirituality…. some of the other parts of my life that I love too.

And as usuall, I always like to end with a little music.


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