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Good Country Ride

jonestrainToday I did a 2:45 hour ride from my house out to the Jones/Choctaw area. After about 5 miles you are out in a rural area on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City metro area is relatively flat, but this area does have a few hills to work on. This was the first time since probably September that I have ridden out that direction. I like to have a riding buddy when I go out there, we have had a few cycling/car fatalities in the last couple of years out there. So today I had my buddies Big Brian and Jason out with me. We did a little over 40 miles.

My favorite part of the ride is along a stretch of XXX Road that travels north-south. It is farmland, really peaceful; plus we are usually turning back north and get to let the south wind push us for awhile. We did have a little bit of an issue with a road crew that was putting up guard rails, they had put up “road closed” signs but it looked to me like we could easily get through. The first person with the heavy equipment waived us through, his supervisor wasn’t as “accommodating” as the other guys. So we took a little brow beating from the fat redneck and went on. This is part of the route for one of the bigger bike rides of the year in Oklahoma City, The Redbud. I will miss it this year because we will be in Galveston for the Lonestar 70.3.

We did stop at a quickstop in Jones to get some Gatorade. All I had for liquids was water, I should have done one water and one Gatorade. So after that break it was the last stretch back into Oklahoma City/Edmond. To me it was pretty uneventful, just a good afternoon ride. The weather was unseasonably warm, around 65 or so, but the wind was Oklahoma strong, 15-25 constant out of the southwest with occasionally higher gusts. The 65 degrees made the wind a good trade off. If you want to ride bike in Oklahoma, you just gotta know there will be plenty of windy days. While we don’t have big mountains, we do have wind!

All in all it was a good ride. A good first effort out on some hillier routes. I do think I want to do a lot more training out that way rather than at the flat lake too. So I am looking foreward to getting out that way more often. At the end of the ride I did feel like I probably should have pushed it a little more than I did. My heart rate was in the middle of my Zone 2 on average. I could have done a little more I think. But for a first Jones ride of the year, I will call it a good ride.

One thing I do like is the fact that my starting point this year is much better than last year. I am about 30 pounds lighter than my wieght at this time last January so that is a really good thing. Aerobically I think I am probably in a better place too, thanks to the running and swimming. So if this is the starting point this year, it should be fun seeing where it takes me in August and September of this year!

Back CameraNow it is reward time! Becky and I will be heading out to our new favorite pizza place in Oklahoma City, Upper Crust Pizza ! Last week was our first time to Upper Crust and it was awesome, can’t wait to go back tonight. Just saw thier web-site, wouldn’t you know it’s another Hal Smith Group establishment. They have to be about the top operators in our city.

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Crisp Air Afternoon Training Run


What a great day for a run ! It was about 40 degrees outside but I was dressed well and enjoyed the crisp air. I was to do a 1-1/2 hour training run to close out my week (and month, and year too). This was the begining week with a new coach too. So it was a perfect ending to the week.

As I mentioned above, it was a crisp 40 degrees outside so I bundled up in just the right clothing. I wore a pair of compression tights, shorts, socks, long-sleeve turtleneck compression shirt, short sleeve tech t-shirt, Nike hatphones, gloves, Road ID bracelet and my Asics jacket. I was dressed for the occasion. Actually it was just the right gear. My body temperature was excellent, I never felt to hot or cold. The picture above was of the three items that were “stocking stuffers” from Christmas; the gloves, Road ID, and Nike hatphones. All three of those were great for todays post Christmas run. The Nike hatphone was really cool. I never run with music, partly because my ears start to feel tender from ear buds. I saw the hatphones at OK Runner in Edmond the other day and had to have them. That was the first time I have been able to comfortably run with music, and I love music. There are speakers in the bottom band of the hat that land right at your ears. The sound was really good too. So that was a great addition to my running gear! My favorite part about my new Road ID bracelet is that you got to right something on the last line after your vital information. So after my name and emergency contact information, the last line says “DID YOU GET THE TAG #?” ! The gloves were handy too. So I was ready to have a good run with my cold weather gear.

My overall run today was good. At first I was a little bummed about how slow I am in Zone 2, but I shook that off really soon. Probably my favorite part of the run was just enjoying the new running path that Oklahoma Christian University has built as a gift for the community to use. They have been hard at work on the path for sometime now and they are near completion. When it is finished it will be a 5k lighted path that circles the perimeter of their campus. They are a great “neighbor”. The part I like the most is around the northwest corner around a small duck pond, it is just so peaceful back there. I enjoyed getting to watch the birds overhead too. Along the path there were still several patches of snow that were really beautiful accents too. It was cool to see all the deer tracks in the snow and along the soft dirt around the path. Besides making sure I did the workout as it was outlined, I wanted to remember to enjoy the moment, take in the whole of my surroundings. That is what made the run that much more enjoyable. So mentally besides the early mind-screw of “you’re to slow”, I bounced back really well. It kind of reminded me of the experience I had with the Tulsa Route 66 Half-Marathon.

Another thing that helped me to feel good about the run was realizing that it was putting me on the path to be able to enjoy the Lonestar 70.3 too. Ah yes, Galveston is ever on my mind. Even in the slow times of my run, I felt like it was preparing me for being able to preserve myself in my triathlon so that I can get to the finish line. I felt like I could do this, again. I also feel good about the new relationship with my new coach too. I seem to have a trust in her guidance. I have tried the coach deal before, but this feels different. For one thing the last time I was going to try that life threw us a curveball with our house fire and dealing with that took me out of that deal. Another thing that comes to mind too is that old saying of “when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear”. I think that just might be the case here too!

Well I am getting tired now and am ready to put the keyboard away, so I am going to “checkout” for now! Hope you all had a productive week too!

Tunes for today will be Bruno Mars’ doing “Just The Way You Are”.

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