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Road To Galveston Week 3 Recap

Week 3 was a recovery week; a week of highs and lows, a week of regrouping, a week to rethink some of my plans. I know where I would like to go, and I believe it is even achievable but, that doesn’t mean that I can jump ahead of where my current physical fitness level. I also can’t neglect the fact that I have some deficiencies skills and technique. That could sound a bit on the negative side but it is all balanced with the fact that I am a guy that has over the last few years came from deep in the couch to where I am now. A chain-smoking, junk food eating overweight 40 something year old guy that was weighing in at 240 pounds. That is not who or what I am today. I am down to 209 pounds and love my life today!

So let’s get on with the recap.

The swim part was made up of 3 workouts. The two shorter workouts were mostly used to try to get my breathing down, and I made some progress with those workouts. I actually have started to believe I will eventually learn to swim and breathe right. I’m telling you, the level I am starting out at is remedial at best, so while some might be discouraged if they were at my level, for the most part I am not. The progress was good enough to encourage me to keep going. Now the 2400y workout today didn’t really go well at all. I plodded through the distance but it sucked. After doing some reading on a new blog I am following,, I think I will look a little more seriously into finding a coach. There are 3 options that I am thinking about; local triathlete that’s a top-notch swimmer, a local masters swim coach, or maybe a workshop in Houston doing Total Immersion training with Third Coast Training. It all just depends on time availability and cash.

This week there were just two running workouts. The first was a very slow and easy zone 1 run for 45 minutes. The plan encouraged me to do it alone because it would be so painfully slow it might seem embarrassing. That’s sort of funny to think of how slow it would have to be to embarrass me! I mean, I am slow to begin with! Just how slow would that have to be? At any rate I ‘slogged’ thru it and felt good about it actually. The second run was to be done to measure and evaluate my progress during the next recovery week. I had to back track though, I needed to use this workout to get a good LTHR for both running and biking. I had been using that 220 – age deal and was reading about how counter productive that can be so I use my evaluation to do a LTHR test. I did that and found my LTHR to be 166 on the run. After doing the test I went ahead and finished out the hour. I think his will give me a better bench mark to work with now.

Cycling was about the same as running this week. I did two different cycling workouts. The first one was to be a one hour ride in zones 1 and 2, mostly 1. I just used the old zone charts that I had been using the last year or so. It was a windy day but I churned through it anyway and enjoyed being out at the lake. I really love riding at Lake Hefner, it just feels good to be out there with a bunch of people all smiling and doing something positive. It just seems to me like people who exercise are just happier people! The second workout was to be an evaluation workout, much like the run. I used that time to get a good fix on my cycling LTHR too. My cycling LTHR was 169, in Friel’s book he explained that the run and cycle would not be the same, and they weren’t. So now I will have a good bench mark to work with here too.

There were a couple of weight workouts too that were pretty uneventful. Nothing good, nothing bad to report. The main thing is that I got it done.

So as a whole I feel good about the week. I managed to get all my workouts completed, even if some had to be altered. I also think getting some good working LTHR benchmarks was a good thing this week. So I am pleased with the progress. For a guy that was never really all that athletic, I think I have made some good progress and feel pretty damn good about it. After watching some of my friends hobble around from injuries during their high school days, I sometimes think it might have been a blessing to not have been all that athletic when I was younger. At least I can still walk and get around fairly well today. I am blessed with the health I have and for that I am grateful!

Tunes for tonight will be Robert Palmer with Power Station, remember this one?


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