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Scattered Day….But Still On The Road

whirlwindI guess there are days of focus and days like today! When I put the beans in the coffee pot and forgot to put the filter back in, that was the begining of a scattered start of a day. Don’t know if you have ever done this but I can tell you the result; coffee and coffee gounds all over the place running down the cabinets and into the floor. So from was the scattered start of an afternoon. I thought that I would recover after getting around to do my workout, but not so much. So I am just going to chalk it up to “one of those days”.

There are two stories that stick out in my mind today. The first was told by a man that really lived a very modest life, he had been through some real tough times in life. Materially I can tell you that he has much less than many of us. He lives alone and I suspect will probably always live a life with out some of the relationships that I enjoy. One day when he was having a really bad day he came home to find that the puppy that he had got had torn up a bunch of stuff in his apartment and had done its “business” all over the place too. It was a frustrating day, but later on that day he was talking to a woman that was telling him about the heart ache of loosing her children. He said “I knew right then I didn’t have any real problems. I only had puppy problems”. I have heard him tell that story many times, and I never forget it either. All I really had today were puppy problems.

The other story I remembered was while I was out running. Today I had a 30 minute bike ride followed by a 1:56 hr run. When I was running I thought about this old man I met from California that today runs a homeless shelter, much like one that he used to live in. One morning, not like many mornings, after parking his car he was walking down the side walk to go into the facility to work. As he was walking down the sidewalk he had to go around a man that was passed out drunk. He said he paused to think, “that man is me”. But then he also thought “why is it that I made it out of that miserable life and some just never make it”? He said that the only reason he could think was simply this “he had become willing to do some things that he was told to do, that he didn’t want to do”. And as the result of letting someone that knew a way out of where he had been guide him into a new way of living. His life was forever changed. He had to do the work, but it was allowing someone to show him the road. That was the story and energy that I took with me on my run.

Now I say that, but I didn’t do the greatest job of following the directions today. My scatter-brain continued with me on the running path too. I am still pleased with the work and effort, even if it wasn’t really as it was outlined for me to do. At least I put in the time and effort, I even did the extra brick bike ride before hand too. So for the effort I get an “A”: for the follows directions well I give that a “C-“.

So that’s the day.

Tunes? hmmmmmmmmmmm Let’s go local. We were downtown tonight and saw the building that The Flaming Lips owns and it is really cool. Always stands out!
So tonight it is “Do You Realize”.


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The Evening Crash(not bike)…….. Zzzzzzzzz

zzzz_qjpreviewthWell some had commented about how good it was that I had gotten in the habit of getting up early. I did say that it was something new, and I haven’t adjusted to it yet. My tail was dragging tonight. We went out to get a bite to eat and I could have very easily come home and done a “couch plant” and slept till morning, but I didn’t. Probably part of the reason was because I pushed one of my buddies to power thru this morning on his swim, so I didn’t want to wimp out on him tonight. That was part of it, but really it is becasue I really believe I can do this deal if I do the work. I really want to do it too! So tonights post will be short and sweet.

One 40′ treadmill run this morning, using some grade to add some load. It felt reallly good. I was pleased with my effort, but I also really think I am going to be pushing thru and really making some progress on the run deal over the next 4 weeks. Actually I am still burning some of the “feel good” from the New Years Day interval run. I just think that deal is on the verge of making a breakthrough.

Tonight I did a one hour trainer ride. With 10 minutes of single leg drills and some other stuff too. I was just keeping a constant effort but picking up a bigger gear with the same effort. It was a good ride. Instead of music I watched the Fiesta Bowl. The ride was good, the game was disappointing for this Big 12 fan.

Getting up early again tomorrow. Becky is going to go with me to the Y to run while Jason and I swim. This is the goodlife, I do know that too.

I had a nice visit with one of my old bosses tonight, Phil Ryan. He used to love Elvis Costello and got me to listening to him, so tonight’s tune will be a little Peace, Love, and Understanding.

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Better Attitude = Better Workout

waterFour-thirty in the morning sure comes early, but it sure feels good to get up and get my swim in to start the day. I have never been a morning person but that just might change if I can get better at going to bed earlier. I know that I do feel more alive when I start my day after a good morning workout. I was reading somewhere that it really only takes about 30 days to change your sleep habit and get acclimated to doing that every morning. We will see, the jury is still out. 😉

The swim was to be 1900 yards. Looking back on the workout, I would say it went pretty well. My breathing technique was pretty good. I did struggle when I was stretching out to some longer distances, but on the second set I remembered to just relax and let it happen instead of fighting it. I was supposed to do a few more “catch-up” drills than I did, I wasn’t paying attention to my plan when I first got in for my warmup laps. I’ll be more attentive next time.

So this morning I copied my workout plan down and put it in a little sandwhich bag to keep it dry and by the pool. That worked out pretty well. One thing that I have seen several people use when they do their swim workouts is a counter. There are times when I struggle to keep my counts on laps. I might look into that when I go to the swim shop next.

So today my attitude was much better. I didn’t have that funk that I was carrying yesterday. I wouldn’t say it has all passed, but I feel a little better.

So far I have been staying off the sweets and candies like I had said I was going to do after the 27th! I still crave a Reese’s everytime I go to a quickstop though. I figure it can’t be any more difficult than getting off the smokes. I knocked off 4 pounds just from eating better this last week!

Well the new year is here, so time to get to work. Before I go here is todays tune, Little Wing by Neil Young.


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Burr !!!!!!

Well the Road to Galveston was pretty chilly today. It was one of those days where emotionally and mentally I wasn’t in the best spot. On those days my best is just getting though the workouts, there was a run and bike for today. So that was what I set out to do. Becky wanted to get all of the Christmas stuff taken down and put back in the attic, so we set a time of 4:00pm to go out for our run. I was going to do my bike ride on the trainer later in the evening.

buddhachristmasI don’t think it ever got above 30 degrees today, and the windchill was 16. At four we shut down the “decontructing Christmas Project” and got dressed for our run. Becky needed to get 4 miles and I was supposed to get in 35 minutes. It was just flat out cold. We ran at the trail around Oklahoma Christian again today. I just did a 17 minute out and back basically. I didn’t run with my Ipod today, I just wanted to get out there and get this stuff done. No frills or anything, get it done and get out of the cold! Today there was a mix of “fast” intervals in my run. They were just 30 second fast runs, with 1:30 easy jogs. I was reallly kinda surprised that my pace on the fast part was as fast as it was. It kind of reminded me of last January when I started out doing 30 second jogs and 1:30 walks, except this time I was actually starting to run. I felt good about it too, like if I could go from jog/walk last year then this year I can go from run/jog to all out run eventually. Maybe? Or at least knock my pace down significantly. So that was the good part of the run. Still feeling some good hope, even on a day where I am just a litte frazzled.

My workout called for me to just ride my bike 45-60 minutes any way I wanted, have fun with it. So I figured the most fun I could have since it was bone chilling cold outside was to ride on the trainer and listen to an album that I have been wanting to download. I downloaded OneRepublic’s Waking Up, great tunes! I didn’t really even look at my power or heart rate. I did still try to keep my cadence up around 88-93 range. It went pretty well. I felt good about getting it knocked out.

So tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully I will snap this stupid funk that I got in today. I suspect I will. Sometimes life throws us a curveball when we are just sure it’s going to be another fastball. I am going to get up early and do my swim workout at the YMCA in Edmond tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great start to your New Year! Here is my favorite tune from the OneRepublic album, Good Life:

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Every now and then there are words or ideas that just seem to strike a chord, maybe even become a theme of some sort. Well the word for me lately has been abundance. To me abundance has more to do with an attitude of gratefullness than any measured quantity of anything in my life. It seems to be something that comes from inside, not something brought about by outside circumstances or stuff. I can look back at the last 15 years of my life and I can tell you that today I live in abundance, that hasn’t been always been true. Now if you look at the last 15 years you can also see that most of my relationships, life circumstances, and even stuff are all the same. I still have the same wife and step-daughter, same job and boss, many of the same friends, live in the same city, etc.; so what’s the difference? A big part of the difference is coming to appreciate all the good things in my life, as they are. And be sure to know that I understand that it hasn’t been any virtue of mine that has kept any of my relationships or life situations in tact for the last 15 years, that is much more a testement to my family, co-workers, and friends. That understanding helps me to appreciate all the blessings I have, the abundance of life that I get to experience.

Todays workout was a 2:25 hour bike ride followed by a 15 minute run. Was a great workout, much sweat! I felt really good, felt a lot of hope in where I am going. Thich Nhat Hanh tells a story in one of his books about how you can look out over the dirt field where the sunflowers grow in the planting season and many don’t see the sunflowers, but the farmers do. They see the ground where they have planted the seeds, they already see the sunflowers. I am starting to see a triathlete. It makes me smile too.

tunes today will be Elton John’s “To Many Tears”

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Rise And Shine…. And Swim Too

SwimmingThis morning was an early start! I am usually not a big fan of the ‘early morning’ but I had a 2200yrd swim workout on the schedule and early morning was the best time for me to get to it. My buddy Jason said he would do his then too if I wanted to go at 5am, so I begrudgingly agreed to it.

Since making the decision to stop the “Tarzan Swim” and learn how to freestyle right, I havne’t put in the kind of distance that I was supposed to do today. I was a little worried about being able to do it. The workouts were arrainged in a series of 25’s broken up by sets of 4×100’s. In the 25’s I was to swim a 25, then do “catchup” drills on the return 25. When I first started doing the “catchups” I looked like a paniced drowning rat, thankfully I have progressed since then. I am starting to see the payoff in doing them now. The 4×100’s were to be done with fins, so that gave me a little relief and help. I did start out way to fast on the first set of 4×100’s, but I eventually ‘settled in’ to a more comfortable rhythm and found my breathing form and just tried to relax into the swim. My biggest struggle on the 4×100 was just getting winded from not doing much length the last 6-8 months, plus I am doing it a different way too.

Overview- it went well and I am pleased with getting in the 2200 yards. I feel really positve too, I know that it will just get better and stronger. I actually believe that too! I am going to have to find me a set of fins that fit fat feet! I did leave with blisters on both my big toes. Other than that, I am glad I got up and did it first thing in the morning. Now I don’t have to fret over how or when I will get it done, my mind it clear. I like that!

Hmmmm…… Tunes….. Let’s go with Neon Trees this morning.


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New Year…. Time to Kick It Into Gear

Glass-Clarity-LifeAs I mentioned the other day, December 27th is a day for new beginings and positive change. I had a “cup of that bad coffee” with some friends at lunchtime to honor the past 6 year and even had a chance to talk to a guy just trying to get it together. It’s a great journey, I am grateful for where it has taken me! So with that said, what will the changes be this year? The change that I am going to go for will be a diet change starting with dropping sweets (to exclude Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas at my mom’s house). Becky dropped sweets at lent a year or so ago and she loved deserts as much as I do. I don’t want to limit the change to just sweets, but I do think that alone will help me get some more weight off. Whats the replacement? Fruits and smoothies will help fill in some of the gap. I figure I need to get some good breakfast’s first thing in the morning too. That way I won’t be grabbing the junk food at the first quick stop I come to right off the bat. I suspect I will get some input from my new triathlon coach too. She seemed to have a pretty sensible approach, sounds like she would want to stear me to smaller changes that I can maintain for the long haul. I’m cool with that too.

Speaking of “new coach”, today was the first day of training directed by my new coach. I’m pretty excited about it too! Today was a 1 hour bike ride on the trainer. After warmup I did some sets of ‘one-leg’ drills, followed by some riding in Zones 2 and 3. I also had a couple of times where I was to really push it hard for a solid minute then back down again. I am curious to see where my power was for those minutes. I was trying to make sure I held at least 300watts. One thing I really enjoy when on the trainer is listening to music! Today I went with Pandora’s Third Eye Blind RadioWhen I ride outside I don’t use the Ipod, I like the “all natural” sound thing, plus it is just more safe when out on the roads.  I was using heart-rate zones to do the workout. I suspect will will probably shift over to using the power meter at some point. That’s still a pretty new tool for me. I’ll kind of take the cue from my coach on how we will do that as we go along.

Mentally and Spiritually, it was a pretty good day too. I was able to get an early enough start to get a good prayer and meditation time to get the day going. I always like the picture of the cloudy water swirling in the cup and how continued practice of meditation lets that whirling crap settle down and rest on the bottom so we can get a better picture of what is goin on. Even in times where my mind is more “out there”, I know it is just a matter of making that time to practice that will help it to settle down. That alone helps me keep in a ‘hopeful” state of mind. One strain of thought that keeps seeping inside is that “the more you are able to stay in the moment and present, be it in meditation or even in day to day/minute to minute life, the more the past begins to heal and fears of future subside”. I believe it, more important than believing it is that I have started to experience it too!

Tonight we are going to enjoy my favorite pork tenderloin with that ‘gunpowder’ rub (actually it is chilli powder) on the outside to give it a little bite, brocolli, corn, and a nice salad. Good stuff!

No doubt, I have ‘the good life’. And the best thing about that is I know it too.

Tonights music clip will be a Led Zeppelin tune! Did you see the Kennedy Center honors last night? I only got to see the Led Zeppelin part and it was so cool getting to watch them listen to everyone doing thier songs! I was trying to decide which song I would post, then I found a clip of the whole segment so why not just post it all! Enjoy the greatest rock n roll band ever!!!



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