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Relaxing Into A Recovery Day


“The man who removed the mountain began by carrying away small stones.” ~CHINESE PROVERB

Today is a rest and recovery day! So rest and recover, I will!

I think this cold snap has kicked off a strain of Colorado memories for me, lots of great times in Crested Butte. Was a strange time of life back then, I guess just a part of growing up. Today I look back on it fondly, Crested Butte will always have a special place in my heart. So for tunes today I am going with Dan Fogelberg’s Part Of The Plan. Enjoy and have a blessed day.


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Chillin’ On A Monday Rest Day

USATLogoWOTriOKCLogoToday is my “rest day”, so rest I will do! The weekend went pretty well, even if I was a little scatter brained. I completed all of my workouts last week and even managed to loose a few pounds in the process. So far I am still laying off the sweets and candies, so that’s probably a good thing for me.

This morning I did take the time to join to Triathlon organzitions. One was USA Triathlon and the other was our local triathlon club Tri-OKC. I have been intending to do that for awhile. I had joined the Landrunners, an Oklahoma City running club last fall, so joining Tri-OKC just makes sense, especially when you get some discounts for local events!

And tell me, how’s that for a good rest day recovery meal!

Hope you all have a great day!

Tonight I’m feelin’ a little Dan Fogelberg’s Phoenix.


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