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On Top Of The Water

common-dolphins-leaping-tim-mellingToday was a new day and today my swim workout was probably the single best workout in the water that I have had to date. I don’t know what it was, but it just felt good to be in the water swimming. My attitude was good, I felt pretty relaxed, I didn’t fight the water, and I was breathing really well. So that really fired me up! It was kind of like how that 90 stroke golfer who chases the ball in the tall grass for most the day then hits that 300 yard drive right down the middle like Arnold Palmer feels. You know the deal, where it feels so good you can’t wait to get to go again! So that was a welcomed improvement over my down day yesterday. Now I am back on top, ready to keep on going!

The workout today was 2000 yards. It was a mix of 25’s, with some 75’s and 100’s too. I used the fins for some and did a pretty good amount of “catch-up drills”. I had one stretch of 18 x 25 catch-ups that went really well, for some reason after about 4 lengths, it just clicked. I just hit the breath stroke just right and the rest were really good. There’s nothing like feeling like you “nailed it”, especialy when it is something that you have had to really work hard to do. So today all is well.

It was just a good productive day all around. I was visiting with a couple of my buddies about our bike ride this week. I think I might take advantage of the warm weather on Friday to do my long bike ride, if I can get off work. My buddies Brian and Jason are looking at going with me too, so that will make it a good day.

Love the tunes for tonight! The lifeguard at the pool was playing this tune this morning. The video is by a pool, so that’s cool. The really funny thing is the title “Cough Syrup”, sometimes you just have to laugh. For those that know a little more about me, you know it’s a good sign that I can laugh at that! Life’s to short let the past be anything but the past, cut it loose and let it go.


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