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Rise And Shine…. And Swim Too

SwimmingThis morning was an early start! I am usually not a big fan of the ‘early morning’ but I had a 2200yrd swim workout on the schedule and early morning was the best time for me to get to it. My buddy Jason said he would do his then too if I wanted to go at 5am, so I begrudgingly agreed to it.

Since making the decision to stop the “Tarzan Swim” and learn how to freestyle right, I havne’t put in the kind of distance that I was supposed to do today. I was a little worried about being able to do it. The workouts were arrainged in a series of 25’s broken up by sets of 4×100’s. In the 25’s I was to swim a 25, then do “catchup” drills on the return 25. When I first started doing the “catchups” I looked like a paniced drowning rat, thankfully I have progressed since then. I am starting to see the payoff in doing them now. The 4×100’s were to be done with fins, so that gave me a little relief and help. I did start out way to fast on the first set of 4×100’s, but I eventually ‘settled in’ to a more comfortable rhythm and found my breathing form and just tried to relax into the swim. My biggest struggle on the 4×100 was just getting winded from not doing much length the last 6-8 months, plus I am doing it a different way too.

Overview- it went well and I am pleased with getting in the 2200 yards. I feel really positve too, I know that it will just get better and stronger. I actually believe that too! I am going to have to find me a set of fins that fit fat feet! I did leave with blisters on both my big toes. Other than that, I am glad I got up and did it first thing in the morning. Now I don’t have to fret over how or when I will get it done, my mind it clear. I like that!

Hmmmm…… Tunes….. Let’s go with Neon Trees this morning.


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