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The Fitness Lifestyle Reveiw For 2012

2012There was much to be happy about fitness in the year of 2012. In looking back over the year I will tell you about some of my favorites. From the OCCC SuperSprint Triathlon, Hotter N Hell Hundred, new bike, swimming, and doing a couple half-marathons. It was a full year with ups and down, detours unexpected, even frustrations to overcome. But looking back and taking the year as whole, it was very satisfying. If you put it on a 10 year plot, it is off the chart of posibility. So here are a few highlights.

OCCCtriThe big goal starting off the year was the OCCC SuperSprint Triathlon. Starting off the year I was not able to run or jog at all, not even 50 yards. And if my running was at zero, then my swimming was a -100. So it was a challenge. I had inteneded to train with Team In Training, but didn’t really get a good understanding of when they trained before I signed up. That was a problem beacuse the swim training was on Monday nights and I have another commitment on Monday that kept me from being able to swim train with them. I had started raising money, so I had an obligation to do it. I wanted to keep that commitment. I never did get where I could swim with my head in the water, I just did the ‘tarzan swim’ for the 500 meter swim. I hadn’t progressed enough to even jog the entire 5K either, I had to just do a jog/walk. The only thing that I really was ready to do was the bike, and that went fine. I did this event with my two friends Jeri and Jason Lundsford. We had a good time too. At the end of the day it was a start of something that I would have never believed possible. I was a little surprised by how out of shape I was and didn’t realise how much work it was going to be, but at the end it felt good to complete the event and it was fun doing it with the Lundsfords.

HHHLife is about relationships and shared experiences with friends and family. So there was nothing better than training and doing the Hotter N Hell Hundred this year with our daughter Cynthia. It was fun getting out on the bikes with Cynthia. We got to spend some good times working out hard and visiting together too. We road a many miles from our house out to Jones/Choctaw and back. She even got to witness my Rottweiler crash and burn too. It was a great feeling to be on the starting line with her and 13,000 of our best cycling friends. I also had a good time also riding with my friends Brian Johnston and Jason Lundsford too. I will refrain from saying what order the three of us finished. 😉 Humble, I am. haha As fun as it was starting with Cynthia, it was really cool getting to take our picture together at the finish line too. It was an awesome weekend.

IKEshopHave you ever seen a kid not smile when he gets a new bike? Hell no and you can bet this big kid was smiling too when I went to get my new tri-bike, “Ike”! Ike is a Cervelo P-4 decked out with Sram Red, Zipp 404s, and a CycleOps power meter. I am a gear nut. The picture is Marty and Steve at Schlegel Bicycles getting it all rigged up, they even stayed late to get me hooked up and fit. It was a great time! I promise you one thing, my parents are glad we didn’t have a Schlegel Bicycles in Seminole when I was growing up, that place is my adult equivalent of a “candy store” !

swim Notice that in this picture I am at the pool and almost smiling! Yes swimming makes my list of 2012 highlights. After struggling all year long something finally happened in November and I started swimming freestyle with my head down in the water! Sounds simple enough, right? Well for most it would be, but with my water-phobia this was a big damn deal for me. After starting to get that down I eventually went to a swim clinic that Amanda Stevens did at The Lighthouse Fitness Center in Oklahoma City, that was a blast too. Now I have had a few extra lessons with her and she is coaching me for my triathlon training this year too. Getting that swim deal down was huge though. It opens up a whole new realm of posibilities for the coming year and beyond, starting with the Lonestar 70.3 !

484971_4839303948589_1502879578_nProbably the biggest highlight was the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon and Half Marathon. It was the perfect combination of family and achievement. My wife and daughter did the full and I did my first half-marathon! As I wrote previously, getting to actually go to the starting line with them as a fellow participant was so cool. I have taken them to many marathons and wished them well as a supporter and spectator, but who would have ever thought that I would be lining up with them? It was an awesome day, I enjoyed ever minute and ever step and stride of the run. I took it all in like you should always do, I soaked up the whole experience! Then getting to take the picture with the girls at the finish line was a proud moment for us all! I suspect there will be many more in the future too!

So to say I have had a full fitness life this last year would be an understatement! Who would have ever thought when I bought that bicycle three years ago and went out to ride that first 10 mile loop around Lake Hefner that eventually I would be doing all of this stuff? Not me, and I bet non one else that knew me! No way, no how. So thank you all my family, friends, and supporters for a truely blessed 2012.

Close out tune for the year will be Michael Franti’s Say Hey (I Love You) ! Happy New Year my friends!


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Crisp Air Afternoon Training Run


What a great day for a run ! It was about 40 degrees outside but I was dressed well and enjoyed the crisp air. I was to do a 1-1/2 hour training run to close out my week (and month, and year too). This was the begining week with a new coach too. So it was a perfect ending to the week.

As I mentioned above, it was a crisp 40 degrees outside so I bundled up in just the right clothing. I wore a pair of compression tights, shorts, socks, long-sleeve turtleneck compression shirt, short sleeve tech t-shirt, Nike hatphones, gloves, Road ID bracelet and my Asics jacket. I was dressed for the occasion. Actually it was just the right gear. My body temperature was excellent, I never felt to hot or cold. The picture above was of the three items that were “stocking stuffers” from Christmas; the gloves, Road ID, and Nike hatphones. All three of those were great for todays post Christmas run. The Nike hatphone was really cool. I never run with music, partly because my ears start to feel tender from ear buds. I saw the hatphones at OK Runner in Edmond the other day and had to have them. That was the first time I have been able to comfortably run with music, and I love music. There are speakers in the bottom band of the hat that land right at your ears. The sound was really good too. So that was a great addition to my running gear! My favorite part about my new Road ID bracelet is that you got to right something on the last line after your vital information. So after my name and emergency contact information, the last line says “DID YOU GET THE TAG #?” ! The gloves were handy too. So I was ready to have a good run with my cold weather gear.

My overall run today was good. At first I was a little bummed about how slow I am in Zone 2, but I shook that off really soon. Probably my favorite part of the run was just enjoying the new running path that Oklahoma Christian University has built as a gift for the community to use. They have been hard at work on the path for sometime now and they are near completion. When it is finished it will be a 5k lighted path that circles the perimeter of their campus. They are a great “neighbor”. The part I like the most is around the northwest corner around a small duck pond, it is just so peaceful back there. I enjoyed getting to watch the birds overhead too. Along the path there were still several patches of snow that were really beautiful accents too. It was cool to see all the deer tracks in the snow and along the soft dirt around the path. Besides making sure I did the workout as it was outlined, I wanted to remember to enjoy the moment, take in the whole of my surroundings. That is what made the run that much more enjoyable. So mentally besides the early mind-screw of “you’re to slow”, I bounced back really well. It kind of reminded me of the experience I had with the Tulsa Route 66 Half-Marathon.

Another thing that helped me to feel good about the run was realizing that it was putting me on the path to be able to enjoy the Lonestar 70.3 too. Ah yes, Galveston is ever on my mind. Even in the slow times of my run, I felt like it was preparing me for being able to preserve myself in my triathlon so that I can get to the finish line. I felt like I could do this, again. I also feel good about the new relationship with my new coach too. I seem to have a trust in her guidance. I have tried the coach deal before, but this feels different. For one thing the last time I was going to try that life threw us a curveball with our house fire and dealing with that took me out of that deal. Another thing that comes to mind too is that old saying of “when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear”. I think that just might be the case here too!

Well I am getting tired now and am ready to put the keyboard away, so I am going to “checkout” for now! Hope you all had a productive week too!

Tunes for today will be Bruno Mars’ doing “Just The Way You Are”.

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Positive Detours……. Road To Galveston….. Via Tulsa Route 66 Half-Marathon.

2012HalfWe had a great weekend in Tulsa at the Route 66 Marathon. Usually when we go to marathons as a family, the girls are running and I am chasing them around the course giving them support. This time was a different experience, I was running the half-marathon while they did the marathon. The experience was awesome, from the day before and packet pickup, to race day, and eventually the finish-line. First’s are always so exicting, especially when they are with family and friends. I call it a positive detour, because I didn’t do my “prescribed” training plan for the week in preparation of the event.

66packetWe arrived in Tulsa and checked into our hotel before meeting our daughter at the convention center downtown to pick up our packets. After picking up our packets we eventually went out to dinner at Tiamo’s Italian resteraunt, it was a nice meal with Cynthia and her boyfriend Matt. When we retired to the room Becky and I started getting our gear ready for the morning while watching the OU game on t.v. The game made the night just a little less than relaxing, but at least the Sooners pulled it out. Time for bed!

Getting downtown and walking to our starting corals with my wife and daughter was the first highlight of the day. There were many times that I have taken them to starting lines, but to be actually walking down to the starting line with them was a great feeling. I was proud to be with these two ladies and actually doing the event with them was pretty cool. How many husbands and dads get to experience something like that? They were in coral B and I was in coral C, so while I was alone in the coral I was just taking it all in. I didn’t want to miss anything about the moment. The air was so cool and crisp, it felt so invigurating hitting my lungs. I looked around at all the tall buildings and was just in awe that Iwas actually doing this. I remembered the first time I ever went to a marathon, it was in Tulsa and we were there to cheer on my brother-in-law. Never would it have even occured to me that one day I might be actually doing that, that couldn’t have even been a blip on the radar screen. No way, no how; and here I was. I flashed back to my grand-father and the last thing that he said to me; he was laying in his bed dying from emphasema struggling to get a breath. He called me to his side and said “Mark, I know your still smoking those damn cigarettes. I quit over 20 years ago and it wasn’t in time. They lie to you Mark, they are going to get you. Stop while you can.” My eyes welled up with tears as I breathed in that crisp air and I knew he was with me, as he always has been and forever will be. This race was for my grandfathers and my dad, I said a little prayer of thanks for their inflluences in my life and invited them to come with me!

The national anthem was moving and then it was followed by the start of our groups. Anticipation was high and building, I was going to run with all my heart. What a life! My plan was to run the first eight miles in Zone 2, staying around 152 bpm, then do the next 4-1/2 in Zone 4 not topping 168bmp. When I got to the last quarter mile I wanted to throw it all out there, what ever was left! I also allowed for the “faster than I should have start” too. I nailed that one, the excitement of being with all those people really pegged out my heart rate on the first mile or so, that was OK. I settled into my heart rate the second mile and started to enjoy the run. I felt good, and was having alot of fun. One of the coolest areas that we went threw was a little neighborhood called Swan Lake, the houses were really cool and there was a nice duck pond that ran through the middle of nieghborhood, many of the neighbors were outside to cheer us on.

After leaving the grounds of Casia Hall schools we went into some hilly neighborhoods. I wasn’t sure how I would handle the hills, I hadn’t really trained very much on hills. Actually I had a good time running the hills, I just decided my to blow off worrying about my heart rate going up them and have fun attacking them! So I did. That was a lot of fun. I probably payed for that later. we eventually made it to Riverside drive where I finally saw my wife and daughter after they made the turn a ways ahead of me. The run along Riverside seemed to drag on after the turn back to the north. As strong as I was feeling at mile 8, I knew that I was not a full marathon guy by mile 10. Still yet, there was a sense of pride even then. At mile 10 every step that I jogged was a strp longer than I had ever done! At this point I hadn’t done any walking. I am not sure why I even slowed to a walk at mile 11, but the change in motion from a jog to a walk was ackward. I knew that I better get back to jogging or my legs were going to revolt. Mile 11-12 were really slow, and for me to say that you know it was really slow. But I really felt good emotionally, I knew I could finish it out without any hesitation. With the last 1.1 miles to go I made my jump past my lactate threshold heart rate of 169 and jammed on home. There was an old fart just about 20 yards ahead of me and I knew I had to get passed him. My ego couldn’t take having my finishers picture with him in it, much less with me behind him! So I ran with every thing I had to make the final stretch! It was a victory for a couch potato! A guy that not to long ago was 40 pounds heavier and a smoker. A guy that as little as 9 months before couldn’t have jogged a quarter of a mile! #THIS IS THE GOOD LIFE! And the gratitude I have for it is abundant.

484971_4839303948589_1502879578_nThe girls eventually came in from their marathon too. Becky, my wife, had her personal best marathon time! I am so proud of her. Marathons are her responce to her cancer recovery! A lot of time people talk about “survivors”, I don’t ever catagorize her as a “survivor”, she is much more than that! She is a true “thriver”, one who has embraced life and what ever struggles that have come her way. She is always an inspiration and encourager toCynthia, our daughter, and I.

So that’s a brief look at my training detour, if you will. I have a few more blogs that I will be writing in the next couple of days too! Stay tuned for a cool blog on my swimming progress and the awesome workshop that I did with Dr. Amanda Stevens.

I am blessed!


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Road To Galveston Week 2 Recap

What a week! This week my schedule consisted of: swim 3, bike 2, run 4 and strength 2. It was a rocky week at times. i got off to a bad start when I didn’t get my weight workout done on Monday and had to play “catch up” all week-long. I had thought that Friday was going to be an easy day to shuffle in the lost workout but I had not noticed that this week there were 11 workouts instead of 10 like last week. That made the “catch up” a little tricky. Then if starting off in the hole wasn’t enough, it rained almost all day Saturday. I had to shuffle around my Saturday and Sunday workouts and ended up doing my long run on Sunday morning and my long ride on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately it all came together, with a little prodding and encouragement by my wife!

Swimming was pretty good this week. On my two shorter distance swims during the week I made some good progress in my technique. I was about to put some fairly good distances together with my head down and breathing the way I need to. It was a first to get the lengths that I did. So that was a big positive on the week! I am still looking into getting a swimming coach, just having trouble finding one in Oklahoma City that fits with what I need to do. There are people who are great swim coaches for “real” swimmers and triathletes, but that’s not what I am. I need some remedial help. I still struggle with the whole water issue. My friends and family all know that I was a guy that didn’t even learn to dive until I was in my mid 20’s and that the earliest memory I have was sinking to the bottom of the pool at 3 years old. My Saturday swim was the longest that I have ever done, 2149 meters. I was in a bad mood and I didn’t even try to worry about form or anything, I just wanted to get it the done. So get it done I did. So all in all, I was pleased with the swim week.

Biking was fun this week! There were only two workouts: one on the trainers doing “isolated leg exercises” and the other a nice 1-1/2 hour zone1-2 ride that I did at Lake Hefner on Sunday. The trainer exercises are kinda tedious, but it reminds me of doing hills. So I figure somewhere down the line it will help me build some strength. Now the Sunday ride was awesome, the weather was the best possible. Nice sunny day in the 70’s with a good breeze out of the north. You just couldn’t have asked for a better day to be at the lake on the bike. The atmosphere was excellent too, all kinds of people out getting exercise on the trails. People in nature getting exercise are just a happier people than most. They smile more! One thing that really made the ride enjoyable was staying focused on “enjoying this ride” doing my best to block out any “goals” or stuff like that. When my mind started to wonder I would just say a little prayer and try to focus back on the ride at hand.

Running this week came around too. I had started to build up some descent distances towards the end of August but then when I had to get a problem on my foot looked at, I slacked off and didn’t run for a good 3-4 weeks. I really lost some of my momentum, as far as distance goes. One benefit from the rest is my knees seemed to get some needed re-coup time. They were pretty tender from jumping up the distance a to aggressively. So while I am having to back track a little on distance, I am doing it with a pretty fresh feeling pair of knee’s now. I did a 1:20(hour and twenty-minute) run today. On my last two “distance” runs I have gotten back into that “sweet spot” at about 2 miles where my breathing cadence gets into a good rhythm. So that’s really encouraging. I am still a little nervous about being ready for the Route 66 run in November, but I will just gut it out and make it happen.

Strength workouts were probably the easiest to do. The time flexibility to do these workouts is just so much easier than any of the other workouts. I was pretty pleased with my progress too. I am doing the “AA” workout from Joe Friel‘s The Triathlete’s Training Bible. The particular workout is made up of 8 workouts done in a circuit. They are not heavy loaded in weight, but you do 30 reps of each exercise then repeat the exercise 3-4 times. This week I went up a little in my weights on each of the exercises. I felt pretty good about it too. I have never done any weight training before now, so this is a total new deal for me.

This week was a good solid week. My attitude at the end of the week is really strong and positive. My main goal for next week is to get the exercises done! I want to keep up my search for a swim coach and I have been thinking a little more about “power training” for the bike too.

I have a great life and I appreciate that more every day.

Music for this week is a little Outkast doing The Way You Move. Enjoy!!!!

Only 174 Day 2 Hours 52 Minutes to go!!!!!


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